Balancing Long Term Care Watch The Balancing Act with LTC Global

Viewers of The Balancing Act™ have heard before how important it is to have a plan for Long Term Care.

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The Balancing Act™ asked Mark Goldberg to come on the show and talk about what viewers need to do today to plan for Long Term Care. Mark is the president of ACSIA Long Term Care, Inc., part of the LTC Global family of companies. ACSIA® is a national insurance agency representing the nation's top insurance carriers and is regarded as a leader in the Long Term Care insurance industry.

Don't let the potentially devastating emotional, physical and financial consequences of Long Term Care unbalance your life.

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**This and other statistics mentioned on the show from the "2010 Long Term Care Insurance Sourcebook, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance."

***U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that at least 70 percent (nearly 3 in 4) of Americans over age 65 will require some Long Term Care services at some point in their lives (